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When I Said, “I Knew It.”

Having ears, they hear not, and eyes, they see not. They are blind leaders of the blind. And so is every person who does not listen to the word of God.

I said it when Todd Bentley came on the scene. I said I felt in my spirit that something was wrong. I quoted Scripture. I had many discussions with other followers of Christ. Some were downright heated. I warned that people needed to look beyond the “miracles” to see that something was wrong, but they kept worshiping him and his miracles as if he were the Messiah. And when it was finally revealed that he was having his 2nd affair with a staffer, & that his own wife had medical issues and was never brought out for any of his “amazing miraculous prayer,” he just quietly slipped away. And I said, “I knew it.”

Now, I’m saying the same thing about Barack Obama. I felt it back in 2007 when I first saw him in front of a room full of people. This was before it was announced that he was officially a nominee; before I knew he founded the criminally-acting organization of ACORN; before I knew his law office was suing banks that refused to write the risky loans that got us into the housing troubles we’re in now; before I knew his parents were Communist; before I watched him take 6 weeks to produce a birth certificate that most of us could provide for only the amount of time & money it takes to get to the county seat where we were born. Surely, the President of The United States of America could snap his fingers and an office full of employees would drop everything to pull the file, make a certified copy, have it notarized, and put it in the next overnight package out the door. 3 business days max. But, I digress.

Everything I saw in that first event was before I watched him blame the housing problems on his opponent, before our government got so big for its britches that ordinary citizens could go to jail as criminals for violating laws they didn’t even know existed (and will even more when they are jailed for tax debts incurred under Obamacare), and before I watched him divide our country more than unify it. It was before all the proof out there that, like Todd Bentley, the “winds of change” do not always blow with the Spirit of God.

What I saw that first night was a dark power. An evil being born that held more sway over the people than what I saw with Bentley and those who supported him, wrapped him in a robe, put a “special” ring on his finger, and called him “blessed of God” and “specially anointed.” The way people threw their arms up in the air and practically worshiped the man on the stage like he was some kind of rock star… well, it scared me then and it scares me now. It scares me that on the night before the election, so many are still so swayed that they would call themselves Christians and still vote for someone who thinks it’s okay to kill the innocent via abortion. It scares me that the candidates are even close when so much of what Obama has done is against the constitution, for bigger government, and opposite the foundations laid by the founding fathers of this country.

But I should not be surprised after reading Proverbs 28:5 where the book of wisdom says, “Evil men do not understand justice, but they who crave and seek the Lord understand it fully. ” Every person I have heard so far that is still in support of Obama has been that way for selfish reasons. They, or someone they know or are close to (or maybe related to) is in need of something the man has said he will provide. They cite his provisions for health care or other “free” supplements to their lives without noticing that he is also saying he will tax the very people from whom he is now getting all the provisions so many fear they will lose under Romney. They do not cite how great Obama will make our country for their children and grandchildren; only what he will do for them in the here and now. That smacks of pure selfishness. And, since the word “evil” means “minus God,” it makes sense. As it was in the days of Noah, men’s thoughts are continuously “minus God,” even in “the church world.” They are focused on what answers they can get from a man and not from God.

So, I urge and beg those who even begin to think they love God Almighty to humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked (selfish) ways and vote for one who is more apt to truly love our country. Vote for one who’s party does not vote to remove God from the party platform. Vote for one who’s pastor has not damned our country. Vote for one who’s wife has not complained of how she hated our country. Vote for one who supports Israel rather than bowing to her enemies. (And for those still thinking of voting for Paul, he said Israel was her own problem, so even if I was not urging you to change your vote to keep the balance toward Romney, I would urge you to change it to keep us from losing the benefits we gain with God by being an ally to the country where God will someday place his throne.)

And whatever happens tomorrow, I know that Yahveh, God Almighty, is still on His throne, and I know that the righteous will not be forsaken. I know that God will protect us, and I even know that He will forgive those who vote for the ungodly Obama in ignorance and selfishness. Yet, even as I know these things, I still put out my plea to unseat this man who has continually lied to us from promises of a balanced budget to new jobs that he only managed to give to the many new czars he placed in charge of his many new committees. Please be led by the Spirit of God and not by the spirit of selfishness or greed that would make it okay to believe the report of a liar instead of the report of the Lord. I am convinced in my spirit that it would be a grave mistake to bring the man in for another four years. I believe he will walk away with information that will create damage even with a lost election, but I believe it will be even worse if he maintains his commandeering position. (One former high-ranking official from the Pentagon even warned that if Obama wins this election, it will be the last free election we know in this country. I don’t claim to know prophetically if this is true or not, but I do believe in the depths of my heart that we are in danger from the first election and will be in even more danger from a repeat.) Please do not be one of the blind that needs to repent later when our country ends up in bondage and those like me are saying, “We just knew it.”

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  1. Excellent post, Crystal. I appreciate the eloquent way you’ve stated the situation we are in now. I’m praying too, that God will move and act mightily. I do not believe the poll numbers. I believe that God is using them to spur us to do the right thing so that the wrong thing doesn’t come to pass.


    Comment by Krysti | November 6, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks, Krysti! I’m praying for God to spur on EVERY person who truly loves Him and desires to know and follow HIS heart, HIS Word, and HIS promises.


      Comment by Crystal A. Murray | November 6, 2012 | Reply

  2. Great article, Crystal. I hope many people see it and have their eyes opened. May God bless you and all who come to this place!


    Comment by redeemedhippiesplace | November 6, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks, Brenda. I wondered if I should have written it sooner, but I’m guessing most people have their minds made up regardless of the perspectives shared with them. Thank you for the blessing, and I will agree with you in praying that all who visit (including you) will be blessed by God.


      Comment by Crystal A. Murray | November 8, 2012 | Reply

  3. It was Jesus who said, teach them to fish–don’t give them the fish. It seems many so-called Christian folk have forgotten that lesson. Being given food, welfare, health insurance, doesn’t make us stronger. There’s a beauty to earning it yourself that gets lost.

    I had a French friend railing to me about how hard I worked as a teacher, that they were taking advantage of me, that I shouldn’t have to do so much. I had to interrupt her and tell her I like working hard. Working your butt off and succeeding is a high like nothing I’ve ever had before. I bet you understand that, Crystal.


    Comment by Jacqui Murray | November 6, 2012 | Reply

    • Wow, Jacqui, this is a great perspective! Yes, I do understand it. I’ve thought about writing an article comparing government assistance to being a spotter for a weightlifter. It’s good to have someone standing guard while you work to make yourself stronger, but it does you no good if that guard takes the weight away from you and lifts it himself. All that assistance is creating a generation of people who are weak and dependent instead of strong and independent. Of course, if a government wants to wield all power over the people, the best way to do so is to create a people who are so dependent on their assistance that they will have no choice but to be compliant or to starve. Scary, huh?


      Comment by Crystal A. Murray | November 8, 2012 | Reply

      • That is a great analogy. I hope you write that article. Is anyone listening anymore or are we preaching to the choir?


        Comment by Jacqui Murray | November 8, 2012 | Reply

        • Choir. Definitely, the choir. :-/ But there’s a Scripture that says to teach it even when you know they won’t listen, so I guess that’s where I’m finally arriving. Besides, I enjoy the choir, and maybe some word or two will get out to someone else at some point.


          Comment by Crystal A. Murray | November 8, 2012 | Reply

  4. […] I added another space of nearly six months without posting until I shared my thoughts about the hero worship I saw the world offering Obama, and I compared it to the elevated worship ignorant Christians offered the apostate preacher Todd Bentley. Find that at November 6th 2012 article called “When I Said I Knew It.” […]


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  5. […] do these days with all the false and apostate witnesses spreading through our lands? I wrote just a brief overview of my battle with other believers over the whole Todd Bentley thing, but there was so much more to […]


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